Saturday, December 26, 2009

Itchy noses, ears, elbows and itchy palms, Irish superstitions

There is an a lot of strange superstitions in Ireland, one is itchy noses, if your nose gets itchy it is a sure sign that  you are going to have an argument with someone. If you don't want to argue with someone, to counteract the itchy nose you have to gently punch them and then shake hands with them.
If you get a burning itch on your right earlobe then someone is saying something nasty about you. If your left earlobe is itchy then someone is saying something nice about you. If you want to shut the person that is being nasty to you behind your back then lick your thumb and for finger and rub your earlobe with them, it will make them bite their tongue. 
If you Elbow gets itchy then you will be sleeping in a different bed.
Lastly itchy Palms, if your right hand is itchy then you are going have to pay out money that day, alas there is nothing to counteract this. If you left palm is itchy then you are going to get some money, but you will only get this money if spit in your palm.

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