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I started by posting pictures up on irelandinpicture, but people often wanted to know more about the history and the stories of the area. So while taking pictures was a little hobby I had while working,  I  then had to lookup the history of these areas, I also used to talk to locals about the history. More often than not the older people that I talked to would have great stories and superstitions.
So I decided that I would try and combine the Mythological history of Ireland with some of the other stories and superstitions. There are lots of stories and lots of superstitions so it will take a while to get around to them all.
If you have superstitions or stories particular to your locality or have heard from a relative please send them to me and I will post them giving you credit.

Also remember that these stories are written the way I have heard or read them, there are many differences all over the countryside.

Hope you enjoy.
A typical Irish Potato head!

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