Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Moon Superstitions Ireland

There is a few myths and superstitions regarding the full moon in Ireland. One of the most unusual is that Irish people did not see a mans face or a crab on the moon, but they saw a Hare, a Hare carrying an egg. To see the hare turn your head to the left and use your imagination to see the two ears at the top.
It was considered lucky to see the full moon over your right shoulder and it was bad luck to see it over your left. It is also considered lucky to get a haircut on a full moon, better luck still to get it cut in the light of the full moon. But the worst luck of all was the for light of the full moon to land on your face as you slept, as you would not see the year out,
Another superstition was for people to go outside an look at the full moon reflected through a mirror, if you stared long and hard enough then you would see someone that will be connected with your future.
The Celtic Goddess of the moon was Rhiannon she was a beautiful woman who rode a white horse through the sky's.

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