Friday, October 30, 2009

Second wave of Mythological people to Ireland.

The second wave to Ireland according to the book of Invasions was the Partholanians, they were the first to arrive after the biblical flood according to the monks who wrote down the oral history. The Partholanians were named after their leader Partholon, he was the son of Sera according to all accounts. There are varous histories but it is thought that they had come from the west from the other world, which is thought to be the Land of 'Tir na nOg'(land of the forever young).These again are like the first wave were not mortal men, they were God llike and had magical powers. Partholon arrived with his followers after seven years sailing and landed on the coast of Kenmare in county Kerry.

These people were the shapers of the land of Ireland, when they arrived the landscape was a pretty bare grass-less landscape, but as they landed one plain, three lakes and nine rivers sprung up as if to bless their landing. They cleared off four more plains and more lakes sprang up, they brought farming and cattle to Ireland. They had the first recorded battle in Ireland against the third wave of invaders, they battled the Fomorians and drove them from country.
Also they had the first case of Jealousy and adultry in Ireland, Partholon was out touring his domain and while his wife was gone his wife Delgnat cheated with a servant Topa. After making love they quenched their thirst drinking his Ale from his golden tube, Partholon caught them out by getting the taste from the adulterers mouths on the tube. He flew into a rage and killed the servant and his wifes dog. But his wife laid the blame on him and his absence, saying that it was leaving temptation in front of her like leaving honey in front of a woman, milk in front of a cat, meat infront of a child and not expect them to take advantage.
The Partholanians came to a sad demise when an epidemic broke out and all but one of tribe died from the pestilence, they were living in what is now Tallaght part of Dublin City at the foot of the Wicklow hils. The one Survivor was Tuan who wandered the land untill he was an old man, he then shapeshifted and lived through all of the ages of the invasions so he too was able to tell his history to a monk.

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