Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First wave of Mythological people to Ireland.

According to all the ancient Myths there were four waves of people to come to Ireland, the first of these people arrived in Ireland around the time of the Biblical flood, the monks that took down these stories might have made a few edits.  All of these
Bith the son Noe (Noah) did not make it onto the boat with the rest of his family, so Cessair his daughter advised him that they whorship another idol who advised them that they could survive the deluge by sailing to the western edge of the world.

They sailed off in three ships, but only one made it to the west coast of Ireland, forty days before the flood. On board were tree men and fifty women, Bith took sixeen women along with his wife and headed north.
The second man Ladra took sixteen women and died of excess of women withen forty days of landing on Irish soil! He was the first person to be buried on Irish Soil.
Fintan son of Bochra ended up with Cessair and sixteen other wives and fled away  to the west coast to what is now the province of Connaught. Cessair died of a broken heart six days before the flooding of broken heart.
These people were not just ordinary human beings the were semi divine and had magical powers, Fintan went to the mountain of the wave and took the form of a Salmon. He hid during the deluge in a cave and lived for 5500 years, using his magic to shape shift  into other forms like Eagle.


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