Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fomorians the third wave of Mythological people to Ireland

Pictured is the Fomorian Stronghold of Tory Island, It is on the left with the two peaks in the front the Islands of Innisboffin and Innisdooey.
The Fomorians were a giant ugly misshapen demonic race of semi divine beings that seemed to represent all that was evil and bad in Mythological Ireland. Their origin is from the sea from Scandinavia, with mentions in some ancient texts of them living in Norway. Their Viking origan is probably why they are represented as evil, as they were also described as a type of pirate, especially with all the Viking attacks on the people of Ireland. There were two exceptions however Elathan who was a moon God and his son Bres who became King of a later invasion the Tuatha de Danann, both of these were supposed to be beautiful examples of man.
Their first King Cichol of the withered foot had his stronghold on an Island off the most northerly west coast off Ireland on Tory Island. Until the arrival of the Partholanians they lived of fish as there was little to hunt, but they benefited from the arrival of the farmers and land shapers and ventured onto the main land. They still used Tory as their strongholds from here they fought their battles and where they retreated after loosing their battle with the Partholanians. After the disease had wiped out the Partholanians they controlled Ireland and used the plough and oxen and lived off the land until the next arrivals, where  extracted taxes and were in power until the Tuatha Dé Danann defeated them in Battle. There will be more stories of their battles etc later

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